Guide To Teeth Whitening Costs

The tooth has several layers (enamel, dentine and vital part). The outer part of the tooth consists of two layers: first, dentin, then as an outer layer, enamel. Each of these layers has its own natural color. Thankfully, Teeth Whitening Costs are affordable.

In general, the color of the teeth gradually darkens with the years. The normal wear of the enamel, which is generally clearer or transparent points to dentin that is more yellowish. In addition, dentin tends to become darker over time. The change in the coloring of the dentition usually affects all teeth, but may affect a single tooth under particular conditions.

The phenomenon of change of color of teeth can be aggravated by various factors. It is important to know that bleaching treatments are not recommended in the presence of cavities or active gum disease.

The dentist remains the only person who can diagnose the presence of such conditions in your mouth and measure their impact on the success of tooth whitening.

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