DIY Body Butter Bar For Sustainable Skin Care

Consider using body butter bars for sustainable skin care. Most commercial skin creams and lotions contain inorganic chemicals that are harmful for your skin. Even the so-called all-natural moisturizers and lotions will still use preservatives.

On the other hand, a body butter bar or a lotion bar is made of cocoa butter, virgin coconut oil and unbleached beeswax. The bar melts between your hands in no time and the melted liquid absorbs nicely and softly onto your skin.

To get the best out of lotion bars, we suggest that you prepare your own bars instead of using products brought from the market. It is easy enough to prepare the bars at home. Just get hold of some good quality cocoa butter, some virgin coconut oil and finally, one or two bricks of all-natural, unbleached beeswax (preferably from some local source) and then put the ingredients into a pan and mix them together in medium heat. Once this is done, pour the mixture into moulds (such as little cups) and let them set. Once they have cooled, just tap the bars out of the moulds and you’re done. It is that simple!

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