Troubleshooting A Mac That Won’t Turn On

Even though Macs are built to be reliable in performance, they are susceptible to issues that affect other computers. For example, your Mac may fail to turn on because of an issue that’s not clear to you. However, this does not mean that the problem is so serious to call a repairer. Besides, most Mac repair services charge expensively for an issue that you could fix yourself if you knew how to go about it. So, before you consider calling any computer repair service when your Mac won’t turn on, try these 5 things first:

But first it is important to understand the difference between a Mac that won’t turn on and one that won’t start up. In Mac that doesn’t turn on, you won’t hear any startup chime, fan or drive noise when you press the power button. There won’t be any type of visuals either. Such a Mac requires a different approach to one that doesn’t start up.

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