Transform Your Look With Custom Made Caps

When you walk in heels try to imagine a white stripe on the sidewalk and try to step on it with both soles. In this way you will put one foot in front of the other and the walk will be more elegant. Zig zag, wide-legged walk as if you were wearing sneakers or various jumpers, bring down the sensuality of Custom Made Caps and other feminine accessories. The pain will appear the same sooner or later, but you will have more time before it manifests.

Heel-toe. So-tip. Sometimes, when they are really tall, we tend to put all the soles on the ground and maybe even crawl them. Error, not even granted by etiquette. The correct movement to do is to first place the heel, and then the heel, and then the toe. They carried you around all day on high heels, and although you followed all these tips your feet and your back suffered a little.

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