The Subjects Of Component Analysis

The component analysis may apply to one of the various subjects in statistics. Some of the issues and the definition of each category can make it easier to understand the working of the methods. The areas of observation are here under:

Principal component analysis, a system that turns a set of perceptions of likely correlated variables into a set of values of linearly uncorrelated variables, termed primary elements

ANOVA-simultaneous component examination, a process that separate variation and facilitates analysis of these partitions by a process related to principal components examination

Component analysis, any study of two or more autonomous variables

The connected-component report, in graph data, an algorithmic administration in which subsets of related elements are uniquely marked based on a provided heuristic

Independent component analysis, in signal processing, a computerized arrangement for distributing a multivariate flag into subcomponents

Neighborhood components analysis, an unsupervised training process for review of multivariate statistics.

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