Signs You Should Replace Your Electrical Service Panel

Faulty electrical panels are hazardous; thus, they should not be ignored. Also, you should not attempt to fix or even inspect them without the help of an experienced electrician. Fortunately, a faulty electrical panel shows signs early enough; thus, you need to be keen enough to notice the signs and residential electrical services immediately for a replacement of the panel.

It is possible for worn out wires inside the electrical service panel to cause a fire. Worn out cords burn out fast, but you will notice discolouration or charring. You need to hire an electrician immediately to replace the panel so that you prevent a dangerous situation. It is time you hired residential electrical systems to replace the panel if you are resetting your circuit breakers often. A faulty electrical service panel is often prone to power surges. The other indication of a faulty electrical service panel is its inability to reset breakers.

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