Renovation Contractors In Singapore

With its solid surface, the epoxy lends itself well to the use of the broom or vacuum cleaner. Without cracks to accumulate dirt, the soil is easily cleaned. On the other hand, it can happen that certain types of epoxy attract the dust, which comes to rest on the ground and which tends to glue slightly. This must be removed with a feather duster and a broom as recommended by renovation contractors in Singapore.

This operation should be repeated on a weekly basis or, depending on the type of use of the room, at a higher or lower frequency. For example, in a garage that is used every day, the floor should be cleaned twice a week. On the other hand, in a room where you rarely enter, the dust will come back less quickly. The cleaning step may seem trivial, but if the dust is not removed properly, the residue will be more difficult to remove.

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