Hydronic Heating In Melbourne

If you are putting up a new house or planning to upgrade the heating system in an existing building, you may want to consider installing a hydronic heater. This is a heating system that uses water as the heat-carrying medium. The system offers a number of benefits which most homeowners may be interested in. Read on to learn about hydronic heating in Melbourne.


The vast majority of hydronic systems use water, which is superheated in a boiler and distributed all over the house to radiator panels and taken back to the boiler once it loses most of its heat. As hot water from the boiler passes through the radiator panels, heat is emitted to the surrounding air, thereby raising the temperature of rooms in the house. Once the preferred temperature is attained, the control system closes hot water valves in the radiator panels, effectively stopping hot water from getting into the radiator. As a result, the heating cycle stops.

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