How To Eat Well As A Model

The modelling industry has been largely stigmatised as that space within popular culture where women starve themselves to maintain impossible sizes. However, with plus-sized modelling becoming more prevalent and with designers and the industry coming under more pressure to encourage larger sizes (read: anything larger than a size zero), this is slowly changing. Even more so, is the reality that, even when maintaining smaller sizes, it is possible to still eat well. Here’s how to eat well as a model:

1. Fill up on fruit and vegetables

Fibre-rich fruits and vegetables should be the base of your meals if you wish to stay nutritionally sound. The more organic your options, the better.

2. Drink your water

Most of us don’t drink enough water. However, getting in at least the recommended daily minimum will help you keep your skin glowing, your organs functioning, and your weight down.

3. Eat lean meats

Opt for leaner cuts of meat if you do eat meat. Also, ensure that you prepare it using options like broiling, baking, and roasting, instead of frying.

4. Avoid sugary, salty, and processed foods

Processed foods are a no-no as a model. They keep you bloated and retaining water – which means you will look puffy and appear to be heavier than you are. Additionally, these offer the body very little nutritionally.

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