How Mining Tenement Works

Experts can say that the automotive market asks four things for the magnesium industry. Most of the technologies used: sand-casting, forging, sheet forming, extrusions accompanied by machining, riveting and welding. Magnesium has been, and still is, used in conventional aircraft and helicopter engines and aeronautical chassis thanks to Mining Tenement.

However, these levels are well below the potential for use due to real or perceived problems with corrosion and consequent construction mandates against magnesium. Recently, aerospace systems are facing increasing unique challenges, which dictate the growing demand for high efficiency configurations.

This, in turn, leads to contradictory requirements such as: High strength or load capacity for operational safety. Long flight range requires low weight. Fast and low production costs while maintaining quality. These requirements require the development of innovative design concepts to obtain extremely high load capacities with high structural redundancy.

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