Guide To The Edge Pro Knife

In addition to being beautiful sharp, the the Edge Pro Knife is also extremely manageable: the majority of users confirm this. The decidedly competitive price of this kit is another strong point. This is a quality knife, an extremely hard material that maintains sharpening for a long time, is very easy to wash and does not transfer any odor to food.

The knives arrive in the cardboard box and have been much appreciated for the comfort of use and the great manageability. In general, it is a set with an excellent quality to price ratio. The knives are three (for chefs, multipurpose, for fruit and vegetables) and can be purchased at a very competitive price.

The exceptional appreciation of this set of knives derives from the high quality of the materials used and its completeness and versatility. Regarding the first aspect, the knives are in hardened steel with high carbon content.

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