Guide To Asian Fit Eyewear

Colorful fabrics in light and luminous shades and with strong contrasts, cuts with the most disparate shapes, a marked sense of elegance, a taste that favored refinement, inspiration, fantasy: these are the most evident characteristics of the Etruscan fashion and Asian Fit Eyewear. Few other ancient civilizations have been able to develop a varied and lively clothing like that of the Etruscans who, when they dressed, rejected the sobriety of the Greeks and the austerity of the Romans.

On the contrary, showed to appreciate original and colorful clothes, often extravagant. Observing the Etruscan finds that have come to us means entering the colorful world of a civilization in which well-being is widespread, which loves luxury, which has developed an open mind, which guarantees women independence and freedom unknown to other cultures, and where even the lower strata of the population.

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