DOT Reasonable Suspicion Training

When it comes to DOT Reasonable Suspicion Training, slightly raise the foot from the accelerator and let the vehicle return to the chosen direction. However, be careful not to make the maneuver too quickly or to brake abruptly: such situations could lead to unbalance in weight distribution and lead to unwanted situations, for example the braking of the wheels (a problem that will not happen if we mount the ABS). The advice is the usual: carry out maneuvers with fluidity and sweetness, as well as quickly.

On the rear traction cars the problem in the corners is the opposite: if we exaggerate in accelerating or if we do it in advance, it may happen that the vehicle tends to skid in the rear, pushing the vehicle inward curved, known behavior with the name of oversteer. This happens especially if we start to accelerate when the weight is still moved anteriorly with consequent reduction of the rear and decrease of grip of the driving wheels.

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