Do Not Forget The Bridesmaid Shoes

The belief that the devil is found in details is particularly true when it comes to weddings. A small, but noticeable detail often overlooked is the bridesmaid shoes.

Wedding pictures are a cherished item from every marriage. It is a time to memorialize one of the most important days in your life. What your bridesmaids are wearing can quickly be overshadowed by mismatched shoes. It is an eyesore that you wish you had thought of before a photo shoot.

Shoes do not have to match exactly to coordinate. It is possible to coordinate shoes by either style or color. This is especially true if there are variations in the dresses of your bridesmaids. The more eclectic the variety of dresses, the more eclectic the shoes styles and colors can be. If all your bridesmaids have matching dresses, it might look the best to put them in the same shoes as well.

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