Choosing The Right Colored Contacts

Anyone who wants to change their eye color without any commitment or great expense can do so with colored contacts. With so many colors available, you might want to keep the following pointers in mind when choosing the right color.


Contacts come in many different shades, some of them are more transparent than others. You may find it beneficial to choose contacts that are a few shades lighter or darker to enhance how well they complement your irises.

Skin Tone

Try to choose hues that work best with your skin tone. People with warm skin and hair tones achieve a natural look with contacts that have green, brown, yellow, gold, and amber hues. Individuals with cooler skin and hair tones tend to fair well with shades of blue and violet contacts.

To ensure the proper fit and the most natural look, try on several brands and colors. Pay attention to the overall look, fit and comfort to prevent irritation and ensure long-term enjoyment with your new-found eye color.

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