Anti-aging Crystal Energy Water

The secret to the fountain of youth may still be unknown but crystal-activated water holds great potential. After spending his entire life seeking this secret, Henri Coanda came close to the answer through his research on mountain water. Sure enough, his successor Dr. Patrick Flanagan found the breakthrough in his patented Crystal Energy water. The formula for making this water remains a secret today.

How it Works

Our well-being begins at the cellular level. How well the body cells replenish nutrients and remove waste plays a major role in our health. Water is at the core of these processes as it forms the medium of transport across the cells. Biologically, this water must have a low surface tension to penetrate well across the cells.

Each drop of crystal water contains trillions of silica-based particles that help reduce the surface tension of water. As a result, the flow of water across cells increases 2.54 times, carrying with it nutrients and waste. Add crystal-energy water to anything you drink to counter the effects of aging from your body.

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