Acrylic Sheets For Signage

Acrylic sheets are often used for advertising and signage. They are light, durable, and easy to handle. People can print various designs on opaque surfaces like logos and names. They can be cut into small pieces and different shapes. Different colors can be used in layered applications so that the foreground will have that much more impact thanks to the background. The 3D effect is also eye-catching if done correctly.

There are also sheets that are colorless. Indeed, many use clear and frosted variants for their signage. These allow creators to play with light. A light source may be positioned behind a frosted sheet to diffuse light and make a beautiful glowing effect. A picture or poster can be placed behind a clear sheet for protection against the elements. Look up example online to get an inspiration for your own creation. Phone in your orders at acrylic sheets Sydney suppliers.

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