ABCs Of Laptop Screen Repairs

Four wire is the simplest and oldest design to accomplish this intersection. The voltage is applied alternately to both conductive layers, each in a different orientation. Therefore, there are four wires for connection required, which gives its name.

Four Wire has the disadvantage of quickly decreasing precision in detecting the pressure point. The outer polyester layer of the touch screen is mechanically loaded by its use. Thus, the conductive coating its inner side loses uniformity. This coating is of Four wire but a measure of the position of the pressure point as shown by Laptop Screen Repairs.

Five wire avoids the deterioration of precision by the outer conductive layer, it is not used as a measure for the position of the pressure point. It is used only to forward the tension of the lower layer and is connected with an additional fifth wire.

The other four ports are located at the corners of the lower layer. Two adjacent vertices are directly connected and the the voltage is applied to the two corner pairs. Between the first and second measurement is switched to the second possible set of corner pairs thanks to Laptop Screen Repairs.

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